Electric Avenue – My New Theme Song

In honor of my recent web launch I’ve selected Eddy Grant’s hit from the 80’s to be the backing music for my home page. “We’re gonna Rock down to Electric Avenue”. It seems appropriate enough. A great party tune from the times. Hit my home page to give this flashback a listen:
MaxL Rose Fan Page


About WebMaxus

Music is my first love. I enjoy performing around the twin cities with my group Rock it Science. I also enjoy biking & other fitness activities, as well. Dining out, entertaining, & good movies are all pleasant pastimes that I enjoy. My latest passion is graphic development for the web, which I have recently studied at Saint Paul College. Need a simple web page? Drop me a line. I also specialize in photo editing.
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One Response to Electric Avenue – My New Theme Song

  1. MicH says:

    Very cool that you can do that! I think I like the song choice for the Photos page the best.

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