Vegas Wedding

Family & friends make the world go round. How we handle the trials & tribulations of our daily interactions with them determine who we are. This is the point of character development that is missed by too many folks who believe they simply just “are who they are”. The real truth of the matter is that we can become who we’d really like to be by handling these interactions the way the person we’d like to be would handle them. Folks perceive us by how we behave. They can’t judge us on how we think unless we let them know what we’re thinking. Every action prompts a reaction. Make sure you prompt the reaction that makes others see you the way you want to be seen. YOU are in control.


About WebMaxus

Music is my first love. I enjoy performing around the twin cities with my group Rock it Science. I also enjoy biking & other fitness activities, as well. Dining out, entertaining, & good movies are all pleasant pastimes that I enjoy. My latest passion is graphic development for the web, which I have recently studied at Saint Paul College. Need a simple web page? Drop me a line. I also specialize in photo editing.
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