Tell Me Again How Rough You’ve Got It

Looking at this photo I would guess that this is about par for the course in the lives of these people. The journey may appear unpleasant, but it really can be whatever you choose to make of it. When they arrive at whatever sand patch they’re headed for & climb down to make their “sticker soup” or “beetle mash” it is unlikely that their new surroundings will be much of an upgrade from whatever HELL they left behind. Still they persevere, & look towards the future. Now tell me again how rough you’ve got it.


About WebMaxus

Music is my first love. I enjoy performing around the twin cities with my group Rock it Science. I also enjoy biking & other fitness activities, as well. Dining out, entertaining, & good movies are all pleasant pastimes that I enjoy. My latest passion is graphic development for the web, which I have recently studied at Saint Paul College. Need a simple web page? Drop me a line. I also specialize in photo editing.
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